Grandular Sulphur


Sulphur granular of Tabriz refinery

Sulphur or sulfur with the chemical symbol S is the name of a chemical element that is in the sixth group (VIA) and the third period is the periodic table of the elements. Sulfur is a nonmetal and tasteless, that is most commonly known as yellow crystals in sulfide and sulfate of the best Sulphur granular is the sulphur granular of Tabriz refinery. You know that Tabriz refinery produce the sulphur granular and Sulphur lump.

Information about sulphur granular of Tabriz refiner

You can find specification sulphur granular of Tabriz refiner as bellow:

As you see density of sulphur granular is 11500 kg/m3 and purity sulphur granular is between 99.5 to 99.9. If you need more information about price, free sample, delivery time for sulphur granular, please connect to us or send us an email. In the July, our price for sulphur granular and sulphur lamp that Tabriz refinery produces:

Granular sulphur:   141 $/Ton

Features sulphur granular of Tabriz: Optimum effectiveness, accurate composition, longer shelf life.

Uses sulphur granular of Tabriz: Rubber vulcanization, detergents, dyes & chemicals, explosives, insecticides, rodent repellents, soil conditioner, fungicide, controlled-release fertilizers, Matches, Pharmacy.


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